High Powered DRL 5-LED Strip


LED daylight lamp is a new type of green electric light source, the entire light pollution - free, no noise, non - interference, as a result of constant flow control technology of advanced luminous uniform, light - colored full and lasting constant. As affordable, high quality , excellent service, product is liable to launch been widely acclaimed by customers

Basic specification:
LED Constitution : each LED is consist of one left lamp and one right lamp which respectively in the car
Lamp : each lamp circuit boards, reflection bowl and the lamp body, lampshades and cables structure.
Circuit board : Each board containing 5 pieces of LED high - power led and complete sets of electronic control components.

Main technical indexes :
1. rated working voltage : DC 12 V
2. rated working current general : DC 0.92A
3. rated total power consumption : 11.04W
4. reducing the total current : DC 0.60A
5. reducing the total power consumption : 7.42W

Limiting technical indices :
1. the maximum working voltage : DC 24 V lasted 1 minutes
2. excess voltage : DC 18 V for 1 hours
3 working time . ≥ 24 hours, during which the maximum current fluctuation ≤ 2mA.
4. high surface temperature ≤ 60 ℃ when the ambient temperature for 20

LED light emitting diode main technical indexes :
1. color temperature range of 6,300 -7000K
2. power 1W (single LED lights )
3. rated working current ≤ 300 MA
4. within 24 hours from the current stability ≤ 2 MA
5. brightness between 80 -90LM

Electronic Protection
1. voltage protection : When the supply voltage ≤ 9V, LED lights automatically shut down, the system to be protected.
2. error protection : When LED to the amount of the three VBB black VSS grounding of power cable line Brown VC reducing control of gray any mistake, on the circuit without any damage fault lamp not bright, light, and reducing control, greatly facilitate the installation.

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